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 Jinouzos ~Takiri~

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PostSubject: Jinouzos ~Takiri~   Sun Aug 02, 2015 1:44 am

Pronounced Jin-ow-zos, are Fenrir wolves with the back legs of any animal of your choosing, be it able. They have whip tails and long tongues, with extreme strength. They can have any item, as long as it is approved, just no guns. Their pelt and underbelly must be something along the Grayscale colorline. Markings are as follows;
Head: Lots O' Lines, Lines n Dots, Ringed aztec
Body: Kai ken (Any)
Tail: Any
Marking color depends on the substance your creature has, for example, Takiri's markings are black, for her substance is tar and can use it in most attacks and it drips off of her body. The substance is either real or made up, and must be either one of these, or all of them, or a few; Corrosive,sticky,acidic,explosive,poisonous Rare Jinouzos has different front and back legs, and the ability to be bipedal.

Jinouzos were all children of Fenrir, before he was captured. For how many children there were, there was some inbreeding until finally, they created a hierarchy, who said you cannot mate with kin, and made it forbidden. So they began to mate with other creatures. The females were bigger then the males, over time, soon there were many of them, to where they did not have any inbreeding for 1,000 years. But then mankind came to earth, and wiped quite a bit of species off the planet. What used to be 7,000 of them, turned to become about 1,000, and began to hide underground. Exposing themselves to the elements and certain substances began to take home on their backs, back of their necks, and top of their tails and along down their face. Depending what it was, would drip off their fur or scales, they soon learned they could control said substance, some were sticky, some were explosive, others corroded the walls of the caves, some were toxic and luminescent, some were explosive and sticky.

Reproduction/Mate/Child info
Hooked infant(Hooked claws to cling to their mothers fur until able to walk), Pup(Around the time the type of legs they will have shows up),Teen,Adult
When males find a suitable mate, they will court them. Try to impress the female, depending on the female that could be anything. Once mated, its for life. If one or the other dies, the other tends to become hostile to many, including their own, stop eating, and inevitably die due to their inner grief.
Hooked infants are like small bats. Their claws are hooks to they cling to the underbelly fur of the mother, due to being in caves. Jinouzos are able to have amazing night vision, profound hearing and sense of smell, and are able to feel vibrations of anything around them (This is for all grown Jinouzos)

They can have many, due to their selves holding their own substance. They can create any attack with them. If you cannot think of anything, you can talk to Takiri or just someone in general who knows about the species!

If you wish to make a Jinouzos, please consult ValeriaNassau or Takiri! Their species nickname is Jin FYI
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Jinouzos ~Takiri~
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