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 Rules OOC and IC

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PostSubject: Rules OOC and IC   Fri Jul 31, 2015 2:33 am

1. This is a SEMI-LITERATE pack, therefore you make at least SEMI-LITERATE posts.

2. Please, show respect to the members who have created this pack for you.

3. Mild swearing is permitted, but please, do not take it too far.

4. IC drama is encouraged, but do not take it too far.

5. Please, do not create or stir any OOC drama, and do not bully any of your fellow pack members.

6. Treat others how you wish to be treated.

7. Do not start any secret alliances or traitor organizations within the group without notifying the higher-ups first.

8. If you are inactive for 2 or more weeks, you will be ejected from the pack.

9. You will not be ejected if you had a good reason prior to the inactivity. This is a roleplay for mature members.

10. If you cannot handle descriptive posts containing: gore, organs, urine, visible infections, vomit, or anything of the sort, this roleplay is not for you.

11. Do not block any other members in the pack for any reason.

12. This is considered simply rude and it makes communication for the pack difficult.

13. If there is a member that you have blocked previously, please unblock them.

14. Do not disrespect anyone's custom species

15. If you wish to be part of a species contact the species creator

16. Do not claim anyone's species as your own!

17. Make sure not to offend anyone in and outside of rp.

18. Keep IC and OOC separate

19. Punishers are only allowed to punish ones sent to them by the Alpha

20. No god-modding or powerplaying

21. No mini-modding

22. Please no mate/parent/rank begging as it is HIGHLY annoying

23. No bright neon colors

24. Please no post cutting

25. Don't change your ranking without asking, or unless you are told to do so.

26. You are allowed 2 characters per account.

If there are any rules you think should be added let me know.
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Rules OOC and IC
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