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 Xeac - Made by .WannaFly.

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PostSubject: Xeac - Made by .WannaFly.   Fri Jul 31, 2015 3:41 pm

Markings: Head - Any, Body - Biohazard, Tail - Biohazard
Color: You can choose your own color markings, pelt, underfur, etc.
Items: ZT Helmet of any color. For rare version of the Xeac add the robotic eye as well as the ZT Helmet.

Description: The Xeac are half robotic, half wolf like creatures. They were created in a lab. Zara was the first Xeac to be born like this and not been created. They live very long lives they are mostly immortal but they can be killed by someone or they can choose to die. The Xeac's have a blue blood that is toxic to other creatures, some may have special abilities(Ask Zara if you want to have a ability.) The rare robotic eye allows the person who is born with it to see heat signatures of others, and also can see the others heart rate and vitals if they make sure to concentrate. {WIP}


History: The breed of Xeac was made in a lab, and worked on for many years before they officially bread the first one. After breading the first one they set her lose into the wild, to see what she would do.

Habitat: They can survive anywhere.

Population: There are very few of them, and they are very endangered

Who to ask to join the species? - .WannaFly. other wise known as Zara.
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Xeac - Made by .WannaFly.
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