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 Thieving Dredge l sallymay6

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PostSubject: Thieving Dredge l sallymay6   Sat Aug 01, 2015 10:40 pm

Thieving Dredge
(Ask sallymay6 to be one)


History- Believed to be pets to Demons they where shunned and hunted by mortals. Wanting revenge, they helped the Umbra Witches take over them. Now in the present day they are rare to be seen since there are so few because of mortal witch hunts and being drenched with Holy Water at the door steps of Churches when caught stealing at markets to keep themselves alive.

Evolution- Breed started out as living Swamp water, murky, dark, and vines hanging from the head, body, and tail. Gradually became more dark and murky to avoid being caught and eaten and started losing the vines on the head, tail, and body because of tripping over them while running away from predators.
Females became bigger and more dominate because of males being hunted to stop breeding. Now present day they are cat like and sneaky from the swamps they live in, dark colored and very furry around the mane to act like a bush or to look like swamp algae

Accomplishments- Surviving in the present day Hell they live in, females becoming the dominate sex, and lastly taming the hellish swamps and lagoons to their favor in battle.


Habitat- Swamps and lagoons.

Population- Endangered of become extinct, only about 200-100 left in the world.

Range- Everywhere where there are swamps and forests.


Anatomy- Cat like and slender, very bushy in the mane area. Females Larger and more muscular while males are skinny and smaller. Dominates tend to be darker and more bushy while lower ranks skinny, lighter, and less bushy.

Lifespan- 40-60 years commonly die at 58.

Life cycle- Egg > Furred Tadpole > Bushy Pup > Shedding(if lower rank) Teen > Young Adult > Adult > Shedding Elder

Diet- Mortal scraps, Water, Fish(Teen and up), Algae(Bushy pup and lower), Mushrooms, and Frogs(Young Adult and up).

Awake and asleep- Very Nocturnal, rarely awake when it is daytime.

Predators- Fish(Bushy pup and down), Gators.

Mating and Courtship- Mate for life, once partner dies the other kills themselves. Eggs are like frog eggs, in huge Numbers and in water.
They young must fend off predators themselves and survive until teen-hood. Only then they can breed and start Rumors(groups of the breed).
Homosexuality is frowned upon since they are in few numbers.

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Thieving Dredge l sallymay6
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